Painting and Printmaking

            The photos above show one of my favorite days in the class this semester. I felt that the painting stations were a great activity that allowed the class to explore a variety of methods and materials, while also building morale and camaraderie among the class. The station I enjoyed most was where we were given the opportunity to try out various brands and types of paints. I had never used most of the materials provided and really appreciated the chance to explore (especially the German paints). Additionally, I also enjoyed the color mixing experiment where we matched our skin tone. I had never done that in class and think it is a wonderful lesson for children.

            I was very excited to switch gears from drawing to painting, as I appreciate and enjoy painting much more than drawing. For this task I chose to select specific areas of the previously completed drawings and then emphasize color and texture to create abstract images. I had some difficulty working with the tempera paint because I am not very used to working with the material. At first, I chose to add a lot of water to the material- attempting to make them more like watercolors, which I am more comfortable with. Eventually I made a conscious effort to not fall into these habits, and was able to embrace the properties of the tempera more.       


Class Notes:


Contemporary Artist Inspiration:


Lesson Plan Ideas:

  • Using paint to explore texture and color mixing
  • Using a variety of materials to create a series of prints
  • Using found objects to create collographs