Final Creations

Saying Your Names by Richard Siken

            In exploring the “stations” around the room I was immediately drawn to the thread molding with elmer’s solution. I had never really used any of these materials in this way and was excited about the tone and style it evoked. It reminded me of the fabric construction project I completed with Carianna and Cate, which I was very pleased with.  I appreciate the dark and creepy qualities that threads can create, especially when used in unruly and repeating patterns. I did not have a specific goal in mind when I began working, but as I proceeded I was hoping to make a functional item, such as a tray. Once I really got into the project I abandoned the idea of a tray and became more interested in just seeing what the material would do.

            I believe the project was a successful endeavor, mostly because I was immediately interested in making more of the thread molds. I felt that the appearance of the forms aligned well with the ideas I had imagined while reading Siken’s poem. I was interested in creating something with dark blue and black tones that called upon ideas of smoke and water. I wanted to move forward in making different shapes and larger shapes. I also wanted to explore the ideas of somehow making them appear even more creepy.

            Additionally, I used the initial thread form during another project in my Artistic Development class, and the overwhelming response was that it reminded people of sea creatures. I enjoyed this comparison, as most of my work is rooted in the element of water. This later contributed to the work when I arranged the forms in family-like groups, as if on the sea floor.

            Working with thread in this way ended up being one of the most significant events this semester. I enjoyed this project so much that I now find myself incorporating thread into my other studio works, literally and metaphorically. In my most recent painting I chose to add thread to the canvas and create a relationship between the lines of the thread and the lines of dripping paint. Also, the line work created by the thread has led me to take an interest in drawing- something which has always been a challenge for me. I am looking forward to continuing to explore this material and seeing where it takes me.

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