I was not very invested in what the drawing explorations looked like, but I was able to really enjoy how the materials responded to each other and how they changed on various papers. I had never used a graphite crayon before and was fascinated by how easy it was to create such a rich and thick layer of the graphite on the papers. Using chalk pastels over this thick layer created a shimmery and creamy color, which I had never seen before. I would certainly like to continue to work with graphite in this way and hopefully find a new way of drawing that could perhaps lead to enjoying the activity more.  

            I chose to draw the monkey stuffed animal solely for sentimental reasons- I like monkeys. I didn't want to select anything with an agenda, or pick something that I thought would be easy to draw or work with. I have tried to approach every assignment in this class with an open mind, and despite my long history of hating drawing, I wanted to continue to do so with this project. I ended up working with a limited palette in a very painterly fashion, allowing the images to become abstracted in some areas. 


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Class Notes:


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Lesson Plan Ideas:

  • Creating a scene or narrative from the imagination
  • Exploring lines to create "dream homes" or abstract images
  • Observational studies of plants or found objects