Bio: Casey Gallagher is an artist and art educator. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and spending years in the corporate world, she has returned to her passion for the arts and completed a Masters Degree in Art & Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is currently teaching elementary art in Pelham, New York. 

Statement: I believe art is a crucial element when fully addressing modern human culture. Most ideas cannot be expressed with only words or actions; rather they require color, space, and tangible materials. I use these tools and materials to explore the tension that exists between the emotional and mechanical aspects of the human experience. I aim to peel back the layers of an event in order to expose a singular moment. Through the use of unexpected color and subject matter, I hope to uncover the dichotomy of one’s inner anxieties and mindfulness, while also exploring the social and environmental relationships among humans and nature. It is in this vein that I hope to create artworks which exhibit new depths of emotional expression and push the boundaries of what I find comfortable.